What is Small Bots of Mass Destruction?



SBoMD is a recurring one-on-one robot combat tournament. It is hosted by the south Florida-based engineering company KurTrox, and the Treasure Coast MakerSpace from the same area.

In hosting these tournaments, we hope to bring together like-minded makers in an event that can be seen as both a sport and an exercise of creativity and the mind. Numerous robotics teams state-wide and builders who have competed in the TV show BattleBots have competed in our events. The crowd is filled with enthusiasts, fellow builders, and other similar groups.

Oftentimes we are asked "why do you do it?"

Because robots are one of those enigmas, destruction leads to innovation. Because, as builders, we know there is no feeling quite like crushing your opponent in bot-on-bot combat. Because there truly is no equal in sportsmanship to combat robotics. 

Any builder you ask will say, "There just isnt anything like it." You can literally have your robot torn to shreds and afterwards, your opponent will be your friend. 

We have have had countless occasions where other builders would give anything we needed to get our bots going again. We love this sport and it has become a part of life for us. Educating others how to build things rather than buy them, evolving the sport of combat robotics, spending quality time with like minded people, and blowing things up in the box is how we choose to spend our time.